There is no second chance

for leaving a good first impression!

The life of a start-up might be complicated at times. Hours of work turn into days and days turn into months of exhausting and demanding efforts. But you keep pushing into the unknown because you remember yourself every once in while why you started the project in the first place. Blood, sweat and tears finally lead your idea to success.

So why would you mess up with

some random business cards now?

Bizcards4Startups provides you with individually manufactured business cards which will boost your networking and allow you to set yourself apart from your competitors.

To ensure our products quality, we mainly invest in technological innovations, human resources and travelling to events. Eventually this allows us to offer You a wide range of possibilities concerning the individuality of Your networking booster.

Your business card will be plastic, laminated dead or shiny, contain gold or silver embossments or selected UV varnish. Since we even offer a wide range of high-tech products such as business cards with integrated barcodes, QR codes, magnetic stripes or even RFID/ NFC chips there is no limit in Your individual Bizcard.

Obviously you can choose from different formats such as standard, 3inOne or minicards.

We are looking forward to helping you to design

the perfect Bizcard for You and Your Company.

It’s been a long way

In 2005, .es became independent from it’s origninal brand, which is FactoriaCreativa. Ever since it’s been looking to create it’s own path.

10 years later TarjetasPlasticasPVC defined a new strategy for themselves, specializing in a niche market which is linked to sponsors and investors, just as Startups are. With our headquarters in London, European production, commercial representation in German, English and Spanish, a strong presence in social networks, customer care and reliability we ensure our success.

We would be honored to count you

among our pleased customers 



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